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Minimum Rates of wages for the year 2020-2021

SL No Particulars View
1.  Employment in Agriculture and Related work View
2.   Employment in Soft Drink including Aerated Water, Minaral Water View 
3.   Employment in Manufacturing of Agarabatti and incense product View
4.   Employment in Arecanut (Supari) Industries View
5.   Employment in Automobile Engineering (including Manufacturing) View 
6.   Employment in Bakery Industry and Baking Processes View 
7.   Employment in Beedi Manufacturing Processed View
8.   Employment in Tobacco Processing Industries View
9.   Employment in Biscuit Manufacturing Establishment View 
10. Employment in Manufacture of Aluminium, Brass, Copper, Hinda View
11.  Employment in Brick Making and Pre-Stressed Products Manufacature View
12.  Employment in Carpentry Industry and Saw Mill Establishments View
13.  Employment in Match Works (Match BoX) Industries View
14.  Employment in Plywood Manufacturing Establishments View 
15.  Employment in wood Timber Depots View
16.  Employment in Veneer Industries View
17.  Employment in Cardamom Malaise and Cardmom Gardens View
18.  Employment in Cashew processing Establishments View
19.  Employment in Clay Pottery, Ceramics, Stoneware. View
20.  Cincona rubber. View
21.  Employment in Cichona Rubber, Tea and or Coffee View
22.  Employment in Chemical Fertilizer, Pesticides and Pesticides View
23.  Employment in Clubs View
24.  Employment in Coffee Curing Establishments View
25.  Employment inConfectionary Enterprises View
26.   Employment in Cotton Ginning Pressing and Allied Processes View 
27.  Employment in Building and Other Construction Works View 
28.  Employment in Residential Houses including Domestic helpers View 
29.  Employment in Electronics Industries View  
30.   Employment iin Electronics and Electroplating enterprises View 
 31.  Employment not covered under any scheduled employments View  
32.   Employment in general Engineering Fabrication and allied View 
33.   Employment in Motion Picture( Film Short Film Cinema) View  
34.   Employment in Fish Catching Fish Processing Fish Peeling View 
35.   Employment in Food Processing Packing of  food products View  
36.   Employment in Forestry and Timbering Industry View  
37.   Employment in Foundry (With or Without Mechine Shop) View 
38.   Employment in Glass  Glassware and allied establishments View 
39.   Employment in Granite stones and Marble enterprises  View  
40.   Employment in Handloom and Powerlooms(Cotton) View  
41.   Employment in Hospitals, Maternity Homes, Nursing omes, Clinics and De-Addiction Centres View  
42.   Employment in hostels View  
43. Employment in Hotels Residential Hotels Restaurants View 
44. Employment in Ice Factory and cold ice creams View 
45. Employment in Khandasari Sugar Industries View  
46. Employment in Washing of clothes Dry Cleaning View 
47. Employment in Manufacture of Liquor View  
48. Employment in Ayurveda Yoga unani  Sidda View  
49. Employment in Metal Rolling and  Re Rolling View  
50. Employment in Metal Rolling and  Re Rolling (Non  Ferrous0) View 
51. Employment in Mini Cement plant Establishment View  
52. Employment in Mosaic tiles flooring tiles or glazing View  
53. Employment in Oil Mills View  
54. Employment in Petrol and Diesel Oil and LPG Pumps View  
55. Plastic Pipes View  
56. Employment in Printing and publishing Industry View 
57. Employment in Private Finance Corpooration & Chit Fund View  
58.  Employment in Cleaning Scavenging of Bathrooms Toilets View 
59.  Employment in Establishments Engaged in Procurement View  
60.  Employment in Making of Puffed Rice Flattened Rice View  
 61.  Employment in public Motor Transport Establishments View 
62.   Pulp paper View 
63.   Employment in Rice mills Dal Mills and or ther Grain Mills View  
64.   Employment in Rubber Product including Foam Coir View  
65.   Employment in Sales promotion of Medicine, consumer items View  
66.   Employment in Security Agency (Industries and Est) View  
67.   Employment in Sericulture Units and Processes Part-1 View  
68.   Employment in Sericulture Units and Processes Part-2 View 
69.   Employment in Shops and Commercial Establishments View 
70.   Employment in Spun Pipes Concrete Pipes Sanitary Fittings View  
71.   Employment in Metal Almirahs Tables Chairs and other View  
72.   Employment in Stone Breaking and stone crushing View  
73.   Employment in tanneries Industries View  
74.   Employment in Tile Manufacturing Industry View  
75.   Employment in Toddy Tapping Processes View 
76.   Employment in Urban Local Bodies and PRIs View  
77.   Employment in Co operative societies View  
78.   Silk Textile Industery View 
79.   Spinning Mills Industry View  
80.   Tailoring View 

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